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I think I just invented a new art form - Kiridoodle!

Okay, so in 2005 I bought myself a kirigami calendar, the idea being to do one piece of kirigami every day for a year. I managed three!!!

What, I hear you asking, is kirigami? Well, it is an old Japanese craft involving folding and then cutting paper, to be used as offerings in temples. In those days, paper was rare and expensive.

Want to learn some Japanese? Gami = paper. Origami = folding paper. Kirigami = cutting paper.

I moved to a lovely new studio in Rawdon over the last few days and came across the calendar again. It seemed a perfect choice for the Healing Arts session, given I had so little time.

Once I had several intricate cutouts (think back to when you made paper snowflakes or garlands of people holding hands) they seemed to be crying out 'please draw on me!', so I did. And I loved it.

We will be exploring more kirigami on Wednesday 13th November from 7.30pm.

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