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Be a Keighley Story Explorer!


Story Explorer is a lively, interactive book group especially for children - and it is free! Over a number of weeks children read through an exciting book for their age group – exploring the book’s themes and characters as they read.

We meet on Saturday mornings during term time at Keighley Library. This term we are enjoying lots of fun activities based on The Boy at the Back of the Class by Onjali Q Raúf.

Story Explorers are also wizards at writing - stories in many forms, including dramas and poems! We use the book we are reading as our creative spring-board.


This is our chance to forget about handwriting, spelling or pleasing other people!  We write about what we want, in ways that we want.  If we wish, we can then share our work with the rest of the group.

Click the 'Story Explorers' button to visit the Ilkley Literature Festival website and find out more. 






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