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Drop-in Workshops at Bingley Studio

Why drop-in sessions?

Because you may not be able to commit to long sessions week after week but you might have half an hour spare this afternoon. Because you might just feel like trying something out. Because it may be years since you did anything creative and you just want to test the waters. Because you've never done anything like this before. Because you just want to know what is going on inside the old bank/estate agents. Because you don't have much money to spare but this is affordable.

This week my drop-in sessions will be devoted to watercolours. You will have the chance to play with liquid and pan watercolours, stencils and old book pages, plus much more! These sessions are for those who have been intimidated by the idea of watercolours as well as those who just want to try out new techniques. For just £2 you can play and experiment. Although I focus on the process, on relaxing and having fun, hopefully you will love what you create!

Sunday 21st May: 1pm to 4pm

Tuesday 23rd May: 2pm to 4pm

Friday 10am to 12 noon, 2pm to 4pm

Please be aware that I may well have my dog with me! Bonnie is the most perfect, beautiful, well behaved dog in the world (although I may be a bit biased).

Please check on here for updates.

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